My Time in Berkeley

It’s been about four weeks since I moved to Berkeley for summer school, and I absolutely love it here! Everyone here is so friendly and relaxed, and the weather is great (except for those cloudy days).

I’m taking a photography class here, so I’ve been taking a lot of pictures recently. A lot on my iPhone, but also a lot with my DSLR which I don’t usually take out for everyday outings. I just wanted to post some pictures I’ve taken around!

Some night photos taken during 4th of July weekend.


The UC Berkeley campus itself.

DSC_0433 (1)

DSC_0233 (1)

“The Big C.” A hiking spot on the UC Berkeley campus with a great aerial view of the city.


Some of the beautiful pathways on campus taken with my iPhone with the fisheye attached.



One of my new favorite places to eat in Berkeley — Koja Kitchen! A little pricey, but so worth it.

Finally, a place called Indian Rock about 2 miles from campus. Another great aerial view, this time of the Bay Bridge (that is very hard to see in this photo). Taken with my iPhone and fisheye attachment.


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