Camping in Lake Arrowhead

After finishing summer school up in Berkeley, I came back down to SoCal to spend my last week of summer there before heading back up for college! One of my friends and I have always talked about wanting to go on a camping trip, so we finally made that happen! Originally, we wanted to go to Joshua Tree Park, but we thought it’d be way too hot in the summer and settled for Lake Arrowhead instead.


The drive up.


Dusk in our campground.




Night time. One of my main goals was to be able to capture the stars and improve my astrophotography. Obviously, I don’t have a camera or the equipment good enough to take amazing photos, but I think I did a pretty decent job!




Sunrise the next morning.



While I was trying to find a nice spot to watch the sunrise, I ended up getting a little bit lost…




I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the golden light shining through the trees while the sun was rising. Everyone knows how much I love golden lighting!




The next day we headed out to Lake Gregory and just sat on the edge and relaxed. We were only at the campground for two days, but we managed to get some hiking done. We hiked along the Pacific Crest Trail which made me extremely excited (if you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed then you know what I’m talking about).

It was really nice getting away from the city and just hanging out with my good friends without any distractions. Because they asked to be on my blog, shoutout to Ricardo, Rene, Hunter and Tristan for making this camping trip so much fun!


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